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5 Pieces that Elevate Casual Outfits

For this blog, I wanted to feature 5 Pieces that elevate casual outfits. When I mean casual outfits, I mean what you would typically wear to your kid’s sporting events, running errands, and just everyday type activities. The idea is to still be extremely comfortable but put together at the same time. I don’t think that you need to sacrifice being presentable for function. I also tried to choose pieces that I think everyone might easily find in their closet. The intent is to use items that you already have and put them together in a different and possibly more creative way.

Piece No. 1: The Blazer

The Blazer is a great way to add structure and sophistication. It makes your very casual outfits look crisp and streamlined. The Blazer is also a great way to provide extra warmth for layering. It doesn’t look sloppy or slouchy. A great fitting blazer provides a better silhouette as well. You can pair these with more casual pants besides jeans. I have put blazers on hoodies, sweatpants, joggers, and the like.

Piece No. 2: The Tailored Trouser

In the day and age of working from home, I know I have a lot of trousers lying around not getting enough wear. Which is why I decided to start wearing them in a more casual way. I started wearing them with sneakers, thicker boots, chunky knits, etc. Also, a lot of tailored trousers have great material that can actually feel better than denim or other cotton pants. I especially prefer wide leg or straight leg. It looks as if I put a lot of thought into what I’m wearing, but it is comfortable enough to wear while I’m running around. So, if you have any work trousers lying around needing some attention, try to use them in a very casual way instead of putting on those jeans, leggings, or sweats.

Piece No. 3: The Classic Trench

This is probably my most favorite classic capsule piece. I wear this throughout the spring and fall and get so much wear from it. The above are the trench coats that I own, which is in tan and blue. Talk about versatile! I wear these with just about anything! It cinches at the waist, which gives your figure length and proportion. I got both of these from Michael Kors. The tan I got over 10 years ago, the blue I got secondhand 2 years ago. Overall, some of the best investment I ever made. They stand the test of time, they’re durable, they’re functional, and last but not least, super stylish and chic.

Piece No. 4: The Button Up White Shirt

Remember when the classic white button up shirt was this stiff uncomfortable piece of clothing? Well, those days are gone. The button up shirt can be quite comfortable these days. I got this one in particular secondhand from Thred Up. It is originally from Banana Republic. If you typically wear t-shirts, would you consider putting on a white button up shirt instead? As you can see from the above, you can easily wear it with leggings and sneakers. However, it does make such a casual outfit so much chicer. You can wear a hoodie or an oversized cardigan with it and still look more sophisticated. It is one of those pieces that you will have for years and years and enjoy it in multiple different ways.

Piece No. 5: The Midi Skirt

This is another work wear item that hasn’t gotten much love since I’ve been working from home. So, I started searching Pinterest to get ideas of how to wear it in a more casual way. I have to say, I am hooked. I was also pleasantly surprised that it’s so comfortable. Wearing skirts is one of my favorite things but have always limited it to spring, because it is easy to wear sandals for a more casual feel. Now, I can wear it with chunky boots, chunky sneakers, knee high boots, loafers, and so much more. I can also wear it with t-shirts, button ups, chunky knits, etc. The amount of wear that I am now getting from my midi skirts is a total game changer. Even when your outfit may still be really casual, it looks like you put effort into being more presentable no matter what you’re doing.

If you would like more outfit ideas for 5 pieces that elevate casual outfits, watch my YouTube Video:

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