Starting this blog is a part of a personal challenge and commitment to go on a sustainability journey. I was the type of person that always wanted to have the newest trend. In order to keep up, I buy items that I don’t truly need or have no clue how it was made nor its impact on the environment and people. The purpose of this journey is to help me break that cycle of consumerism. My personal goal is to wear items I already have in my closet and only buy thoughtfully. This means that if I buy something new, I will only buy what I truly need from companies that are serious about sustainability practices.

I am also a cruelty free and vegan makeup and beauty advocate. I looked at my dog, whom I love so dearly, and couldn’t imagine any animal being tested on or treated poorly to produce products that I think make me more “beautiful”.

This is a journey, as I’ve mentioned earlier. I hope to inform myself and help educate others along with me!