Athleta: A Worthy Sustainable Option

I have been so fortunate as to be able to work from home, and eternally grateful for having a job, to be honest. I know that the retail industry has struggled in the past few years, and it will fall into greater struggle now due to this pandemic. Since I am still fortunate enough to have the resources to support businesses, I decided to get some stay at home pieces from Athleta.

I know what you’re thinking. Athleta is part of the fast fashion conglomerate Gap, Inc. However, they are one of the large retail companies that are really trying to make a difference when it comes to sustainability.

Here are a few fun facts about Gap, Inc as a whole, and Athleta in particular:

Gap, Inc. is part of the “Sustainable Apparel Coalition”. This organization seeks to collaborate with multiple retailers and brands which focuses on apparel, footwear, and textile. They provide participating companies with the tools to better track their sustainability performance based on a few measures. These tools are detailed on their website, These tools also provide a platform for brands to practice greater transparency surrounding their business practices.

Gap, Inc participated in a research study called the Fashion Transparency Index. The index results are broken down into percentages, where each range of percentages signify a level of transparency. This research is conducted by sourcing public information of 200 different brands, so they are relying on the honesty of brands for conducting these reports and establishing the brand’s scores. In which case, I still think that consumers need to be vigilant about making sure they are verifying what brands are putting out there are true. However, based on this study, Gap, Inc ranked at 61-70%. This means that they are likely to publish a detailed supplier list, and share a larger amount of information about their sustainability practices. If you would like to see more details about these reports, which I found to be an interesting read, you can see it on the the following Fashion Revolution Site

Athleta is certified B Corp. There are a lot of really cool information about what it means to be a certified B Corp. I think its best if you visit their site to read about what being a Certified B Corp entails. I think it is pretty amazing and one of the main reasons why I do stand by Athleta as a great sustainability option. It joins the ranks of sustainable companies such as Eileen Fisher, All Birds, Veja, and Toms just to name a few.

Since I work in a corporate setting, I don’t have a whole lot of true lounge wear. I wanted something that was extremely comfortable to wear at home, like pajamas kind of comfortable, and cute enough to wear out and about as well (once we come out of quarantine which is hopefully sooner rather than later). Here are some items I purchased. The descriptions were taken directly from the website:

Cozy Karma 1/4 Zip: This is made of Unifi Traceable Recycled Fabric. I literally bought 3 different colors! So comfortable!

Recover Jogger ( I bought this in 2 different colors): Recycled Polyester/TENCEL™ Modal/Polyester. Pulls sweat away from the body so it can evaporate faster. Made from Recycled Poly, a material sourced from post-consumer plastic bottles that helps lessen our impact on the world

Triumph Printed Hoodie: Made from Recycled Poly, a material sourced from post-consumer plastic bottles that helps lessen our impact on the world. Organic cotton is grown without harmful pesticides, so it benefits the whole ecosystem

24/7 Funnel Neck Sweatshirt: Organic cotton is grown without harmful pesticides, so it benefits the whole ecosystem. I paired it with my other Recover Jogger.

Free Style Camo One Piece Swimsuit: Recycled Nylon/Lycra® Spandex. Ultra-resilient fabric snaps back like a pro and lasts 5 to 10X longer. RATED UPF 50+ (Excellent Protection). Made with Recycled Nylon, a high-performance material that helps lessen our impact on the world. Dries in a flash for the ultimate comfort.

This is probably the piece that I was most excited about to purchase. It isn’t lounge wear, but we do have a hot tub. So I’m ready!

Limitless Graphic Crew: made of organic cotton

Soho Skort: made from Recycled Poly, a material sourced from post-consumer plastic bottles that helps lessen our impact on the world

Limitless Graphic Crew

Farallon Jogger: Organic Cotton and Spandex

24/7 Funnel Neck Sweatshirt and Soho Skort

Triumph Printed Hoodie

Post-Om Jogger: Sustainable Tencel Modal/Polyester/Lycra

A bit of warning. They do tend to be on the expensive side. I do think that a lot of sustainable clothing is an investment. I intend to have these for a very long period of time. These are also fairly classic. I don’t really care if joggers go out of style, because I will wear them forever! They are also very interchangeable. You can wear all these pieces indoor, outdoor, traveling, casual hangouts. For me, it is well worth the investment, and the piece of mind of buying items that are sustainable. This is probably one of the times that I wanted to buy new, since I wear a lot of these things everyday.

Sustainability is a very personal choice, I think. Spending on sustainable clothing depends on your budget and what you actually feel passionate about.

Author: Joy Josephs

I am Joy Josephs. I started Joyfully Ethical because I really wanted to challenge myself to make more sustainable choices when it came to fashion consumption. I love fashion, but I also want to be kind to the environment as much as possible. I also believe that the beauty industry goes hand in hand with fashion. I am also very passionate about only using cruelty free and vegan beauty products. My hope is that this blog provide my readers with some information about how to be more ethical in both beauty and fashion choices.

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