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Battle of the Boyne Visitor Center

Oldbridge House

Follow this gorgeous walkway at the Battle of the Boyne Museum and at the end of it you will see the majestic Oldbridge House. Built in 1740, this is now the home of the Battle of the Boyne Visitor Center. When you visit, you will learn major highlights of the Battle of the Boyne. It is one of great significance to the people in Ireland. Since I am not a historian, I’ll let you do your research. Out of respect, I don’t want to make any misrepresentations.

The house and the courtyard are full of battle artifacts. There are also a couple of movies, both inside the house, and outside by the stable area, that are worth watching.


The Victorian Garden and Octagonal Garden

This is me enjoying my tea time at the Tearoom Pavilion overlooking the beautiful gardens of the Battle of the Boyne Historical Site. The kind man at the checkout decided that I needed 2 slices of cake (one of them was free). I was grateful because it was delicious

The one thing I love about Ireland, other than the obvious natural beauty, are the gardens. It doesn’t feel as structured or extremely over processed. There is a sense of the natural in the gardens here and it is truly magical. Take the time to have a cup of tea, enjoy the view, walk through the gardens, and enjoy the magic.

Below is more information in case you are considering a visit. We only spent a couple of hours there, which was enough time for us to go through the museum, enjoy some tea, and walk around the gardens. This visit happened prior to the pandemic, so please due your appropriate research regarding travel restrictions and protocols. Their site is below:

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