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Bouillon Bilk – It’s Art, Not Just Food

Montreal is known for its cuisine. Buillon Bilk is a Michelin Star Restaurant. This is the first time I’ve ever been to this type of fine dining . The wife of my husband’s co-worker suggested that we go there. I need to send her a card and thank her profusely. Or maybe I should kowtow and start chanting “we’re not worthy” over and over again. This restaurant BLEW MY MIND and my taste buds!

Buillon Bilk experience and tips to enjoy:

Make sure you have a lot of time

Montreal dining, particularly fine dining, requires time. Our dinner of 8 people took almost 3 hours. But, I assure you, in my opinion it was a 3 hours very well spent. 

Order the pre-fix Tasting Menu

They have a 5 course or an 8 course. You can choose to do wine pairings or not. I chose the 5 course without pairing because alcohol gives me migraines. My husband chose the 8 course with pairings. I tasted some of the wine and the sommelier chose some pretty incredible ones. 

Savor the Experience

The food is innovative and unique. You would want to savor every bite and really take it in. It is a destination so it is my suggestion that you immerse yourself in the experience. The menus do change, but here are some of the photos of what we ate. I wish I could tell you if they’re still available or not. As tasting menus go, they usually change that regularly. I think it gives you a glimpse of what to expect. It’s art.. folks! Not just food!

This visit happened prior to the pandemic. Please make sure that you research any local travel restrictions or protocols. For more information about the restaurant itself, click the button below.

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