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Cariuma Sneaker Review and Styling Ideas

For this blog post I wanted to do a Cariuma Sneaker Product Review and Spring Styling Ideas. I’ve had my Cariuma Sneakers for about 6 to 8 months and absolutely love wearing them.

Cariuma: The Company

The company is based out of Brazil. Its founders wanted to produce classic sneakers in a more responsible and sustainable way. They source the materials ethically to ensure that the product itself has a timeless design. Their factories follow a stringent code. The company focuses highly on supporting the eco-friendly and conscious communities. They believe their product should be made with care. This falls in line with slow fashion. It’s about having the best quality with the lowest impact. Cariuma is a Certified B-Corp company. For more information about Cariuma and being Certified B-Corp, click below:

Cariuma: OCA Low The Product

“Natural Rubber: gathered from the Hevea brasiliensis tree via ethical “tapping”

Vegan Insole: Our signature memory foam insole is made from cork, bio memory foam & organic mamona oil.

Organic Cotton: GOTS-certified cotton—grown without pesticides or harmful chemicals—makes a durable canvas upper

Recycled Plastics: OCA’s lining, laces, threads and labels: brought to you by recycled plastic bottles.”

(Source: CARIUMA : Women’s Low Top Black Canvas Sneaker | The OCA Low)

Click on the image to go directly to the product

Spring Styling Ideas

For this Spring Outfit, I am wearing a secondhand bodycon dress from ThredUp, but originally from Michael Kors. I am wearing a trench coat from Michael Kors that I have owned for more than 10 years. The crossbody bag is from Kate Spade and I have had this bag for at least 5 years. It is a great way to wear something easy, casual, classic, and very put together.

This outfit is casual but has an elevated vibe due to the classic fit of a straight leg jean and being paired with a double-breasted suit jacket. It still looks quite effortless but comes across very tailored as well. I’m wearing a simple bodysuit from Everlane that I’ve owned since last year, a Zara blazer I’ve owned for about 3 years, and the jeans are rented from Banana Republic.

To get more styling ideas for these sneakers, watch my YouTube Video:

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