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County Donegal Side-Trip

While in Ireland, one of things we loved to do was to drive into towns and take side trips while traveling to our preferred destination for the day. Therefore, on our way to Slieve League, we decided to stop in Donegal Town and see a couple of things.

I love walking around Irish towns. It is, quite literally, one of best experiences. Donegal town is every bit of a great experience. I went into little souvenir shops and weaved in and out of alley ways. The architecture is spectacular.

We parked at one of these local side streets and walked towards the castle. We went to a whole bunch of castles while we were in Ireland and each one has its own flavor

Donegal Castle

It was simply stunning! At times I’m truly amazed at how these castles were constructed. This particular castle was built in the 15th century. WOW!!! It has definitely gone through its fair share of owners, wars, damages, etc but was restored in the 1990s. I read online that it hosts Gaelic cultural evenings, which sounds fantastic! I would love to go to one of those. Anyway, below are some photos of this gorgeous castle.

For more information on hours, tours, and rates, visit Donegal Castle

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