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Dunluce Castle Adventures

Please don’t hate me, but I have never even heard of Dunluce Castle or going to it as a destination until I actually got to Ireland. I know that’s total sacrilege, but I am so glad that we made it part of our trip. It is located not too far away from Portrush in Northern Ireland. It boasts some of the most gorgeous views and stunning ruins.

On the way there, you will see stunning views of the Royal Portrush Golf Course along the Causeway Coast.

When you walk up the parking lot of Dunluce Castle, the first thing you see is the Wee Cottage. Naturally, when I got there, I just had to check out the Wee Cottage, simply because it is called the “Wee Cottage”. It is actually a really cool little cafe that serves food and delicious tea. I absolutely had to partake. Besides, they serve their tea in these cute tea cups and with petite cookies. How can I not partake? Might I suggest drinking your tea the European way, with a little cream and sugar or honey.

To the right, you will start to see the ruins through the fields. The walk up is quite picturesque.

The Ruins:

The Structure itself was built in the 1300s. I can’t even wrap my head around that, because it is quite remarkable. The condition, considering its age, is very well preserved. A tidbit of fun facts to those Game of Throne fanatics such as myself. They actually filmed some scenes for Castle Greyjoy at this location. Let me show you why:

The Views:

No matter where you look from this location, the views are stunning. It is a fantastic vantage point to see the Causeway Coast. You can also get good views from various openings of the ruins. If you’re a photographer, such as myself, it is sheer HEAVEN! The castle was essentially built on the side of a cliff where there are significant drops on either side. Therefore, it makes for unobstructed views.

A Few Tips while visiting Dunluce Castle:

  • Bathrooms are scarce! Go to Portrush on your way there and go to a bathroom. I think the only bathroom might be at the Wee Cottage and they won’t let you use it unless you buy something from there. It is THEIR bathroom and not Dunluce Castle’s.
  • It is not a hike or requires any rigorous physical activity. If you’re not doing anything but visiting that site, then you don’t actually have to wear any type of special gear. However, it is ruins and there some uneven ground. If you’re one of those people that just like to look all “cute” and stuff, just be mindful of where you’re walking
  • Take your time. It is about the experience and enjoying the view. I suggest that you arrive early and really take it all in. Take in the history, the sites, all of it. Take lots of pictures, because the views are some of the best I’ve ever seen.
  • Parking is minimal. This is another reason to arrive early if you are planning on spending some time there.

I am so glad that we went there. I really wish that it wasn’t a side trip. Had I’ve done my research when we went to Northern Ireland, I would’ve spent more time there. I loved every minute of it and highly suggest that people stop by for a visit.

For more visitor information, you can check out this site

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