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Early Spring Outfit Ideas

Where I live, the weather hasn’t turned completely warm yet. Therefore, this post focuses on early spring outfit ideas. Usually, in early spring, I’m not quite ready to get rid of the color black yet. There is a way to wear black and neutrals for Spring before you completely transition your wardrobe. I’m usually the type of person that switches from neutrals to infusing more color from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer. However, around this time of year, when the weather can still hover around the low 50s to the mid 60s, I’m still hanging on to my beloved neutrals

Dark Florals

Dark florals are a great way to infuse a little touch of Spring while it is still somewhat cold. I also chose a light colored bomber jacket to tone down the dark floral. The white sneakers are a very quintessential Spring basic as well.

I love how wearing dresses can signal the arrival of Spring. This midi dress provides enough coverage, but at the same time, flows so effortlessly.

If you’re thinking about wearing something that is till warm, but definitely gives a spring vibe, dark florals with light colored jackets can do the trick.

Both the jacket and the dress are secondhand. The shoes are from adidas. I try to keep it as sustainable as possible.

Animal Print

Animal prints are still entirely appropriate for early spring. I like to keep the animal prints on the lighter side of the color spectrum. For instance, the cami on the left is mainly white, and the coat on the right, is primarily a neutral brown. When you’re thinking about wearing darker colors, you should balance it with lighter colors. For instance, I balance a black leather skirt with a light open front jacket. I also keep the skirt short so that black doesn’t look too much like a primary color. For the outfit on the right, I keep the denim fairly light as well. I opt for a more mid blue hue as opposed to something dark. When you’re transitioning your clothing from fall/winter to spring/summer, it’s all about balance.

Keep it Fun

The way I see it, Spring is about having some fun. Add a hat to your outfit. Add some patterns. Mix and match tuxedo jackets with frayed hems. Whatever your fancy. The main point is, be free. Express yourself. To me, Spring is about change, it’s about new beginnings. Why not transfer that general attitude to your outfits.

When In Doubt – Wear Neutrals

If you like to keep it more minimal, then you can never go wrong with the black, camel, and white combination. It is just a very classic look that I think transcends seasons. I also chose very classic silhouettes to give it more of a timeless aesthetic. I had a similar thought process with the trench, a button down shirt, and denim. A camel trench is something that I will wear majority of the spring and sometimes for fall as well. I’ve literally owned the trench for at least 10 years and it is still current. Take care of these basics because they do span time and outlive trends.

These are some tips of how to dress for early spring. I hope this was helpful. Feel free to leave comments and ask me any questions. Happy Spring Everyone!

I am Joy Josephs. I started Joyfully Ethical because I really wanted to challenge myself to make more sustainable choices when it came to fashion consumption. I love fashion, but I also want to be kind to the environment as much as possible. I also believe that the beauty industry goes hand in hand with fashion. I am also very passionate about only using cruelty free and vegan beauty products. My hope is that this blog provide my readers with some information about how to be more ethical in both beauty and fashion choices.

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  1. Kaitlin (Zarowny) Roth

    I love this! I’m a sucker for spring fashion, but I tend to shy away from patterns because I’m always afraid it will overwhelm my figure. Maybe I’ll try branching out a bit more this year next time I hit up my local consignment store. 😊

    • I tend to shy away from patterns too. I kind of figured out what works for me over time. There is so much variety in secondhand clothing that you’re able to try different things, which is nice.

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