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Henri: A Montreal Brasserie

Montreal is one of those cities known for good restaurants. We only spent a total of about 2 days there, so I was essentially just going to eat my way through the city. When we arrived at the hotel, the first place that I went to was the concierge desk to ascertain good places to eat. First stop was for a late lunch. I asked for a fairly traditional brasserie and she quickly suggested a place called Henri. It is located next to the historic Hotel Birks.


I would describe the restaurant as classic with touches of modern. It is quite beautiful and I rather enjoyed just looking around. I love the plush velvety chairts, traditional marble accents, modern lighitng, and classic seating you would normally see at a french brasserie in Paris. Overall, it was incredibly pleasant. It was perfectly casual and beautiful at the same time.

The Food

There is nothing I love more than good bread! It is my passion. You also can’t have good bread without good butter. The bread and butter was utterly wonderful. It was the perfect combination of a crunchy outside and fluffy inside. The butter spreads with ease.

For the appetizer, we ordered smoked salmon. I’ve had smoked salmon in the past that tasted a little too raw and didn’t have any particular flavor. The smoked salmon had a very rich flavor that carries itself well. The accompaniments brought out the flavor even more.

Why order a Scottish egg at a French Brasserie? Well, why not? It sounded amazingly interesting. I loved that it was served on a bed of salad as well. Both the Scottish egg and the salad were delectable. I’ve eaten Scottish egg in the past and it was always a hard boiled center. This had a soft center and that was pleasantly new for me. Not sure how that is accomplished, but it added a very unique touch that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Lastly, my husband had the seared cod. Quite literally, I think it was the best cod I’ve ever tasted. Probably my favorite dish that we tried. They paired it with an Austrian white wine that was utterly incredible as well.

If you would like to visit the Henri or take a look at their menu, click on the link below. I went to this restaurant prior to COVID 19 so please check the restaurant site for their new protocols.

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