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How To Wear Black for Spring

The topic of how to wear black for spring is something that is near and dear to me. I love black and I wear it all year round. Since I have a focus on sustainability, I don’t do fall/winter to spring/summer change outs and ignore my black clothing. I wanted to show you some ways that you can wear black for spring. This is a great way to truly wear the clothing that you have more and more frequently.

How to Wear Black for Spring Tips

Tip 1: Color Block with Black

Try to color block with black. I like to do the color block with a spring like color. For instance, I am using white eyelet. Since I wear a lot of neutrals, I do gravitate towards white as a color blocking option with black for spring. Also, the material can allow you to have more of a spring vibe. For instance, I used eyelet, which is a great pattern or material (cotton) for spring as well.

Tip 2: Wear Black Printed Clothing

I like to wear prints that infuse a hint of black. Feel free to use any type of print from animal to geometric to floral. I am mindful of the silhouette to give it a more spring like punch. In this sense, I opted for flowy wrap dresses, which totally scream spring to me. I infused more pops of black with the cardigans and the shoes.

Tip 3: Use Black Accessories

I love introducing pops of black into my spring outfits. I simply love the contrast. I opted, once again, to use a very neutral palette as my base with the black and cream. This is a great way to really make the black bag pop. I also opted for cross body bag so that you can see a pop of black throughout the body.

These are just a few simple tips that I follow so that I can continue my black clothing even through the Spring and Summer months. As I’ve mentioned, sustainability has a lot do with making sure that you’re utilizing what you have in your closet to its full capacity. I keep telling myself to wear what I own and not be confined by trends or “fashion rules”. So go ahead and rock the color black for Spring and Summer.

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