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Kennedy Presidential Library – Boston

My bestie lives in Boston so I’m there quite a bit. We both share a love for history. She actually got me into going to Presidential libraries just because they’re really cool. The Kennedy Library is located in the Boston area and it is every bit as beautiful as I imagined.

Upon entering, you see a fairly modern looking facility with elements of metal and glass.

You will also see the massive Presidential seal, which I personally think is out of this world.

The first part of the exhibit takes you through John F. Kennedy’s Presidential campaign. There is actual footage of the presidential debates with President Nixon that was very interesting to watch. There are also replicas of campaign headquarters, newsrooms, store fronts to give you a real sense of how it was like during that time.

The next portion of the Presidential library are replicas of the White House during his presidency. It also highlights his brother’s office, which depicts their closeness.

Last, but certainly not least, are sections about Jackie Kennedy’s life, her relationship with the President, and other artifacts that they would’ve received or used.

Once you come out of the exhibit, there is a breathtaking opening into a hall that is nothing short of stunning. It’s quite regal and inspiring as you see the American flag floating above.

In my opinion, it was absolutely worth the visit! For more information, click on the link JFK LIBRARY

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