Loungewear: Transition from Staying In to Going Out

Who here has purchased a lot of loungewear since this pandemic started? I definitely have invested in some really good loungewear. However, in the spirit of being more sustainable, I want to make sure that I can use my loungewear, not just for being at home, but for going out as well. With a little bit of imagination, you can get a lot more uses out of your loungewear, and you don’t have to forget about them or get rid of them once life starts to go back to normal.

Loungewear Video:

Below is a video with some tips on how you can transition your loungewear from staying in to going out.

Below or some ideas and descriptions of what is featured on the video:

So when things go back to normal, we don’t have to put away or ignore our loungewear, we can extend its life and use it for going out as well.

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