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My Favorite Winter Coats and Winter Outfit Ideas

I wanted to feature some of my favorite winter coats and winter outfit ideas. I’ve had all these coats for a while now. At least a couple of years. This was around the time that I started to get more serious about sustainability. I tried to keep sustainability in the forefront of my mind as I purchased these coats. I also wanted to highlight other sustainable companies I used for my outfits.

Coat 1: Zara Join Life Coat

Zara has a sustainable collection called Join Life. Zara created a Join Life Standard to identify ways that they could have more sustainable materials and use more sustainable manufacturing processes. One of their goals in 2022 is to have at least 50% of their garments manufactured using the Join Life Standard.

This coat in particular is not available since I bought it two years ago. I also bought it in 2 different colors. To learn more about Zara Join Life, click on the box below. I know that Zara is a fast fashion brand. Some might say that it is even green washing. However, in my opinion, steps in the right direction are better than making no steps at all. I really suggest that you read about it, because it is quite interesting

Coat 2: Secondhand Forever 21 Lined Coat from Thred Up

As part of my sustainability journey, I strive to buy secondhand first. If I can’t find an item secondhand, then I’ll try to buy it from a sustainable company. I buy most of my secondhand clothing online. I also only buy secondhand items that are good quality, preferably almost new. I want to make sure that whatever I buy, even secondhand, that it will last.

The goal is to make sure I don’t over consume. There are 2 main websites where I buy almost all of my secondhand clothing. They are linked below

Coat 3: Secondhand BB Dakota Lined Wool Coat from Thred Up

This is another coat that I got from Thred Up. It is double-breasted and I also love the length for those colder winter days. Since it is double breasted, it has a menswear inspired vibe as well.

Coat 4: Columbia Insulated Puffer Jacket

I used the website Good On You as a resource, because they have a sustainability rating for a lot of different brands. One of those brands is Columbia. Unfortunately, they didn’t rate very high for environmental sustainability. This particular coat actually has synthetic fibers, which isn’t ideal. I bought this coat about 2 years ago. Go to my Fashion Resource Page to check out Good On You

My general take on sustainability around that time was to ensure that whatever I bought I would wear for a long time. Therefore, if I didn’t necessarily get it from a sustainable company, I do ensure that this isn’t an item that I would just easily dispose or wouldn’t like in a couple of years. This coat is here to stay. It is incredibly warm and the style stands the test of time.

The video below details my coats and all the outfits that I put together. I hope it serve as a source for ideas, especially if there are similar items that you already own.

YouTube Video

In my video, I mention a few pieces that I have which are sourced sustainably. I wrote earlier about Zara Join Life. The other fast fashion company that does, in my opinion, a good job of increasing their focus on sustainability is Banana Republic Factory and Banana Republic. I wanted to provide some links that would give you more information on how they’re expanding their initiatives.

Below are the links to other companies that I mentioned on the video that are sustainable

The one thing that I always tell myself is that sustainability is a journey. It is ever changing and continuously improving. I think that you can’t be so hard on yourself. The goal, at least for me, is continuous progress.

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