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Not Buying New: Gently Used Spring Rompers

“Gently Used” doesn’t have the same meaning in my head anymore. I used to think that it meant out of style or buying old. My style wasn’t necessarily “vintage” so I don’t really shop from vintage stores. Then I discovered the world of online shopping for gently used clothing.

When you think about sustainability, donating your clothes to be sold or recycled and only buying gently used can have an impact in decreasing clothing waste. The main goal is to reduce clothing manufacturing waste and keeping clothes out of landfills.

According to, “Textile mills generate one-fifth of the world’s industrial water pollution and use 20,000 chemicals, many of them carcinogenic, to make clothes. Chinese textile factories alone produce about three billion tons of soot—air pollution linked to respiratory and heart disease—every year by burning coal for energy.” (“Encourage Textile Manufacturers to Reduce Pollution,

Additionally, according to, “The average American throws out about 82 pounds of textile waste per year.  That’s 11 million tons of waste produced every year by just the United States alone. While it may seem harmless to throw out tattered clothes, these fabrics are likely to then end up in landfills, where they pile up to produce toxic greenhouse gasses that are emitted into the atmosphere….Clothes can take up to 40 years to decompose” (8 Little Known Facts About Our Clothing Habits,

I don’t own rompers so I went online to find some on Thred Up, which is one of my favorite online consignment sites. They carry a lot of items that are new with tags and great condition items. They also have a lot of my favorite brands.

The first set of rompers are originally from Ann Taylor. These are new with tags. It amazes me how so many people buy stuff, never wear it, and then donate it. I was eyeing this from maybe a couple of years ago, but I don’t buy a lot of non capsule things so I didn’t get it new. I was so excited to see this used!

The second romper that I got is originally from Zara. This was in “Like New” Condition. I adore the floral colors and prints. The structure is a lot like a dress, but with the comfort of shorts. The bag is also gently used from Thred Up that is originally Marc Jacobs, which I’ve had for about a year.

Below I have linked a few other cute rompers that I’ve found on Thred Up. I am normally a size 2-4 and XS-S. These sizes are what I’ve linked. Just click on the image below. I put it in my pinterest board. I hope that this will make you consider buying gently used. You don’t have to sacrifice style for the environment.

I am Joy Josephs. I started Joyfully Ethical because I really wanted to challenge myself to make more sustainable choices when it came to fashion consumption. I love fashion, but I also want to be kind to the environment as much as possible. I also believe that the beauty industry goes hand in hand with fashion. I am also very passionate about only using cruelty free and vegan beauty products. My hope is that this blog provide my readers with some information about how to be more ethical in both beauty and fashion choices.

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