Outfit ideas: Four Styles of Coats from Rent the Runway

I rented 4 different styles of coats from rent the runway. Each of them have its own flavor and I wanted to share how you can style different types of winter coats. I have focused on renting, because it is a great way to not add to waste. I can’t emphasize enough that fashion can be very wasteful and harmful to the environment. Therefore, I have thought of various ways to cut down in buying new and not adding to waste by adding to an already full wardrobe. Renting allows me to be a little outside my comfort zone without purchasing something that I might not wear numerous times. Renting allows for each item of clothing to have more wears as well.

Style 1: Classic Plaid

I love dressing down this coat. I think the denim on denim is a great canvas that allows the coat to pop even when the colors are earthy. I think this type of casual take on styling is something that is classic, but at the same time the coat makes it current. I added a little bit of luxury with my Ferragamo belt.

Style 2: The Bomber Jacket

This article of clothing is definitely something that I wouldn’t normally buy, so styling it was really fun! I decided to do something masculine and feminine by pairing it with a floral dress. The booties with a pointed toe also adds a touch of feminine, which is very much my style.

Style 3: Animal Faux Fur

When I wear faux fur, I think glam! This is the direction I went when styling this coat. I added a mix of textures with sequins and velvet. Large statement jewelry adds more to the glamorous vibe. A big of luxury with the Ferragamo shoes and the hints of gold give a sense of glamor as well.

Style 4: Bold Color Coat

This is probably the favorite coat that I rented. The hints of mixed media with the faux fur is so unique. The color is so rich, but still appropriate for winter. I wanted to show you how to wear this for work or a date night, possibly. I went with the animal print in s very neutral palette to ground the color. I also paired it with very classic shoes to create a balance.

I hope that these gifs you guys some ideas on how to style different types of coats. If you have any questions for me about the rent the runway rental service, or some tips on switching to a more sustainable fashion practice, or about styling in general, please leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from you!

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