Packing Efficiently with Sustainability in Mind

I used to be one of those people that would take a full size, instead of a carry on suitcase, when I travel for trips of short of long duration. Why? Because I would fill my bag with stuff that I shopped for during my travels. I usually shopped for clothes and shoes. This time around, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to prevent myself from shopping by only using a carry on bag. I don’t need more stuff! So in the interest of sustainability and not incessantly consuming, I decided to pack efficiently.

Since I was going to Florida, which is a warmer place, it was a little easier to pack less bulky clothes. Here are some things to think about when you want pack more efficiently. The key is to pack items that can be worn interchangeably

Dress Up and Dress Down: If you need to bring a nice dress for a dinner or date night, you can re-wear that dress during the day by dressing it down. I rented this dress from Banana Republic Style Passport for a semi-formal event that my husband and I had to attend, which is the main reason for this trip.

I dressed it down by adding a jean vest and slides to wear out and about. Plus I can’t walk very far in those shoes. The slides doubled as slippers too, so I wore those at the pool or just walking around in the hotel.

Stick with a neutral palette: Neutrals are so easy to mix and match. I brought a lot of black, white, camel, and denim. For instance, I got a lot of use wearing a leopard print cami, black graphic tee, white shorts, and denim shorts

As you can see my shoes are neutral as well and I wore them interchangeably too. I’m wearing the black heels from the event dinner and the shoes I wore at the airport. Additionally, bring one pair of shoes that you can wear everywhere and with everything. These shoes by Tao’s is one of the most comfortable pair of shoes that I’ve ever owned! They will last a very long time as well. They adjust with a Velcro closure both at the top and around the ankles which makes them incredibly secure.

As far as how to physically pack these items, this is what I normally do:

Shoes First: Keep it to one side

Clothing: Folded in small sections and stacked above the shoes. I didn’t show pictures of this, but this includes pajamas and workout clothes.

Use a Tri-fold toiletries bag: this is great for organization and space saving. This includes all my makeup and brushes on the left, all the soaps and such in the middle, all the tooth and eye stuff on the right. The arrangement can change but everything has to fit here.

I also use Au-Naturale for travel makeup. Not only are they all cruelty free and vegan, they come in tubes which makes it very easy to pack. I bring a few versatile Eco-tools brushes with it, which are also vegan and cruelty free.

The toiletry bag goes on the left

All the underwear, socks, bathing suits, and cover ups go in the pouches and voila! You’re done packing! You still have some room in there!

The biggest thing I’ve learned about sustainability in fashion is to utilize what you own and try to control your consumption. Packing using a carry on bag, even for longer trips, really help me to do that. So the next time you travel: keep it small and be efficient. It will go a long way!

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