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Powerscourt House and Gardens

While we were in Dublin, we had some time available before my sister and the family came in from the U.S. We asked the concierge at the Fitzwilliam Hotel where we could go that is close to Dublin. He quickly suggested Powerscourt House and Gardens and we were so glad that he did. It is located in County Wicklow, which is known for its beautiful gardens

The House

This is the outer courtyard. It is a great place to have a bite or have some coffee
A vantage point of the house looking back from the garden
Several areas of the house have wonderful fountains and statues

The Gardens

The Gardens begin with gorgeous floral patches on either side of a gravel walkway, which then leads you to a small body of water seemingly guarded by two winged horses. In the middle of the water is an impressive statue that is also a fountain.

Occasionally, you’ll see some birds just sitting on its perch

The Japanese Gardens

Once you pass the body of water and follow along the path, you come to the Japanese gardens. What I love about it is that you just see the gardens open up as you make a turn and see it for all its beauty

Once you come down the steps, you can admire the stone structures up close.

If you keep following a hike trail, you come to a medieval tower of sorts. If you go up the tower, you get a great view of the gardens and the house

Powerscourt Waterfall

This is not located on the house and garden grounds. It is a bit of a walk, if you would really want to do that. It is possible, but it is not a short walk. We ended up driving there. It is a great place to have a picnic, take a swim, and just enjoy the waterfall.

It was a truly magical place, and in my opinion, a place worth visiting. This visit happened prior to the pandemic. Please research any possible travel restrictions or protocols. Below is the website if you would like to get some more information about visiting powers court during this time.

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