Sustainable Fashion

Secondhand and Sophisticated

Buying secondhand is a passion of mine. I didn’t always feel this way. Not too long ago, I thought that buying secondhand was just so you can look more quirky or something. So, I definitely don’t feel like that anymore. I think a common stigma about buying secondhand is that it’s simply somewhere you buy cheap everyday stuff. In my opinion, that is a very old school way of thinking about secondhand. I think that you can absolutely look sophisticated and still buy secondhand.

Let’s face it though, what is the main reason that people should really consider buying secondhand? Because of the harmful effects that fast fashion has on the environment. Fashion is one of the largest polluters of the environment. That’s not even tackling the poor treatment of people and the inequalities that exists in the industry. Below are a few good articles that I’ve read recently on the harmful effects of the fashion industry:

Articles to Read

The video below gives you some tips on how to achieve a level of sophistication and still support secondhand.

Watch Video

Below are some outfit ideas that might be helpful to you.

Outfit Ideas

Wear to Work Outfit

Jacket: Ann Klien Double Breasted Blazer (bought at ThredUp)

Dress: J. Crew Houndstooth Drop Waist Shift (bought at ThredUp)

Shoes: Tory Burch Black Wedge Heels (bought at Poshmark)

Bag: Dolce and Gabanna Tote Bag (bought at TheRealReal)

Casual Wear to Work or Date

Jacket: BCBG Striped Double Breasted Jacket (bought at ThredUp)

Top: J. Crew Velvet Peplum Camisole (bought at ThredUp)

Jeans: Levis Skinny Denim (bought at ThredUp)

Shoes: Tory Burch Black Wedge Heels (bought at Poshmark)

Casual Date or Brunch

Dress: Banana Republic Cocoon Dress (bought at ThredUp)

Shirt: Banana Republic White Button Down Shirt (bought at ThredUp)

Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo Nude Flats (bought at TheRealReal)

Bag: Salvatore Ferragamo Animal Print Shoulder Bag (bought at TheRealReal)

Casual Errand Running

Jacket: Ann Taylor Chocolate Brown Blazer (bought at ThredUp)

Shirt: Ann Taylor Animal Print Sleeveless Blouse (bought at ThredUp)

Jeans: Old Navy Button From Straight Leg Jeans (bought at ThredUp)

Shoes: Open Ceremony Chunky Black Sandal (bought at TheRealReal)

My opinion is that the next time you think about buying new from your fast fashion brand, I would encourage you to take a minute and think about its effects on the environment and people. Then, see if you could find what you need secondhand.

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