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Spring Outfit Ideas with Muted Colors

Not everyone likes all the bright colors for Spring Outfits. So if you’re not one of those people, don’t feel pressured to wear bright colors. There is a way to achieve a spring look without using a ton of color.

Floral is a very quintessential Spring pattern and it doesn’t have to be vibrant colors to come accross as a Spring outfit. You can choose a slightly darker floral, like something with a lot of grey or white undertones. Olive is also a great basic for Spring. It introduces some color, but it isn’t too overwhelming. Also, it is a color that is quite versatile. The goal for being more sustainable is to choose outfits that can be worn as many times as possible. I believe that dark florals and olive colored clothing can be worn all year round, beyond Spring.

Pastels are, by its nature, a bit more subdued. It provides color without it being intrusive. Printed pastels are even more subtle. This dress has brown undertones, so once again, it can transition into the colder months for longer wearability. Maxi dresses scream Spring. I don’t think you can go wrong with a printed maxi dress.

I have found a greater appreciation for wearing animal prints in the Spring. People don’t gravitate towards it since animal prints are often times associated with fall. However, there are animal prints that work all year round like a snake print in a lighter brown or grey. Also, earthy tones are definitely not reserved for the colder months. Consider a shade of purple/brown, like the cami I’m wearing. I have worn this in the fall many times as well.

Go the boho route. What I love about the boho aesthetic is even darker colors translates as Spring appropriate, like this black boho top. Just pair it with a good pair of jean shorts or even white denim.

You can always count on White. I love wearing white in the Spring. When I don’t really want to put much thought into what color to wear, white will always be my go to color. It screams crisp, fresh, and clearly very versatile. I am particularly happy about this dress because I got it second hand. I love thrifting. If you’re considering a more sustainable approach to fashion, buying gently used is a great alternative!

I am a firm believer that people don’t need to fall into trends to dress for the season. I think it is a matter of simply thinking through what you already have and making it fit with any season. I have owned all of these clothes for a few years with the exception of the white dress which I purchased second hand. I have worn all these pieces interchangeably. So if you don’t want to follow the Spring trends of bright colors, I hope that these tips will help you to find items in your closet that is appropriate all year round.

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