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Spring Transitional Outfit Tips

Who else is excited about being able to wear Spring Transitional pieces? I wanted to share some Spring Transitional Outfit Tips, because I do find it challenging to dress appropriately through the many changing temperatures of Spring. Therefore, I divided up my outfit tips based on the temperature. I think it is a practical way to tackle how to dress for Spring.

Spring Transitional Outfits:

Tip 1: 50 Degrees

Dressing in 50-degree weather is all about layering. I love classic trenches and unlined wool blend long coats when it is this cold. It creates a level of sophistication but is still quite functional. I tend to wear a fairly warm base layer like a chambray or a bodysuit. I also pair it with long trousers that has a little more weight to it like faux leather or part wool. Lastly, definitely no open toe shoes.

Tip 2: 60 Degrees

Dressing in 60-degree weather is all about longer silhouettes and light layers. Pieces that I love wearing during the warmer spring temperatures are maxi knits, blazers, long cardigans, and body suits as well. I am also a huge fan of sunglasses, which certainly add to the outfit. Layering jewelry is also a welcome addition. I still tend to wear closed toe shoes and longer sleeves under my layers.

Tip 3: Low to Mid 70s

One of my favorites is layering shorts and mini dresses or skirts with blazers. I also tend to wear short sleeve or sleeveless shirts under my layers for extra comfort. Other layering options are long vests with longer sleeves as a base. Some other options are button down shirts and jeans but start wearing open toed shoes.

I think the beauty of dressing for Spring is that it is transitional. Because of the unpredictability of the weather, you can actually wear a lot of different items in your closet. You can play with mixing and matching layers, silhouettes, materials, and the like. It is one of the most versatile seasons when it comes to outfits that it is just a lot of fun. Additionally, I find that I get a lot of wear from a lot of items in my closet. Creativity is the name of the game with Spring transitional, and that’s a good thing.

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