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Spring Trends 2021: The Sustainable Edition

How often do we think that you have to buy “new” clothes to stay on trend. I think a lot of you may know that trends have a tendency to resurface. It ebbs and flows. This post is partially to inform you some Spring Trends 2021, and a sustainable way to follow these trends, which is buying them secondhand. But, as per usual, if you already have everything you need then don’t buy anything. You can always re-imagine what is in your closet. All the clothing in this post are all thrifted.

Trend 1: Volume Sleeves

The one thing to remember when you’re thinking about wearing volume sleeves is to get a good sense of your body type. I am not flat chested and I do not have a lot of hips. Adding too much volume above the waist is not a good idea in my case. This dress, because of the sleeves having slight volume, and a since in the waist, creates a good balance. You also have to be mindful of the material. A good material, for me personally, is something fairly light. This is polyester, but also satin, a fine knit or a light weight cotton.

Trend 2: The Not so Classic Trench

This trend is a slight deviation from the classic trench. A little change in the sleeve, minor ruffling, statement buttons, is all that you’re looking for to follow this trend. You still want to make the trench to come across very classic, but with minor embellishments.

Trend 3: Statement Wide Leg Pants

This is my personal favorite trend. I love wide leg pants, because they are so comfortable. Also, because they are good for my body type as well. I think this is also another trend that you have to be aware of your general body type. If you are really petite, you would want to wear shoes with a little more heel. If you have wider hips, you should wear a top cuts right above the hip. In my case. The defined waist on the wide leg creates a good balance.

For this trend, you don’t have to be mindful of the material or the pattern. You could wear a solid as well. It just has to be a fairly voluminous wide leg.

Trend 4: The Slinky Long Dress

When you choose dresses for this trend, it does not have to be body hugging. It just has to have a sultry flow. The material you choose has to be light as well, so that it looks effortless. The length can be a midi or maxi. This is a great way to mix comfort and style as well, much like the wide leg pants.

Trend 5: Statement Collar

There’s a lot of trendy clothing out there with very large collars. To me, they look like the ones from ” The Crucible” or some medieval Henry VIII type of collar. If that is your cup of tea, then rock it out. I, personally, am not a big fan. However, an interesting collar, that is a little more understated, I can certainly get behind. The blouse that I’m wearing has a printed collar underlay which gives it a unique touch. And as you can see, I have combined this trend with the statement wide leg pants. I chose a solid color so that the two trend don’t compete with each other.

If you would like to get a closer look at the clothing, watch my Spring Trends 2021 YouTube Video

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