Sustainable Fashion Resource

Part of being on a sustainable journey is to stay as informed as possible. With the sea of information out there, I thought it might be helpful to share the various resources that I have visited in order to make a more informed purchasing decision. These are, in my opinion, fairly good resources. However, it is only a matter of my personal opinion , but you are still responsible for formulating your own decisions. I am not, in any way, affiliated with any of these resources. They are simply my favorite sites and also my favorite bloggers as well. I will be updating these resources, or adding to the list, as I continue to conduct my own research.

If you want to know how various fashion companies rate in terms of sustainability, this is a great site to visit. Their rating is based on 3 major areas: the planet, the people, and the animals. Their ratings go from 1: which is “we avoid” to 5: which is “great”. The ratings, in my opinion, is very useful because it is just one site that aggregates a list of companies and where they fall on the sustainability spectrum.

This includes a list of various companies (not only fashion) that are Certified B Corp. The certification is a process that some companies have obtained in order to set themselves apart in terms of the overall impact of its business practices. The certification considers the company as whole, from its social to environmental impact.

This site has a lot of good posts in a variety of sustainability topics. They have such great contributors as well. They cover everything from fashion, beauty, makeup and so much more. I really enjoy reading their articles. Here

This site is wonderful for an all around resource, not only for fashion, but also for home and travel. They are also a fantastic resource for a sustainable shopping aggregator. They give a pretty impressive list of stores to shop. All you need to do is click on the link. There are occasions where Ecocult offers exclusive discounts to their readers for various ethical fashion brands at specific times.

This is also another aggregator of all things sustainable. The one thing that I find very interesting about this site is that they have a wellness section that I particularly enjoy reading. They also have a focus on zero waste and they give great tips on how that can be practically accomplished.