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The Food at the K-Club Hotel Ireland

Not only does the K-Club Hotel Ireland have amazing accommodations and stellar grounds, it also has world class food. They have several different restaurants on the grounds and we tried all of them during our 3 day stay there. They served everything from tea and cookies in the afternoon, a light lunch, and fine dining. This visit happened prior to the pandemic. You can visit the K-Club Hotel website HERE for more information regarding their dining.

Legends Bar and Restaurant

This restaurant is located at the clubhouse of the golf course. The course, itself, is famous. It is the site for the 2006 Ryder Cup. Part of the reason why we wanted to stay at this hotel is because of this fact. My husband is a huge golfer!

The Bar and Restaurant overlook the golf course, which is an added plus.

The ambiance is quite casual, yet still very sophisticated. We ate there at least a couple of times.

Here are some of the favorites we had at the time, but the menu does change periodically so it is possible that they might not have it anymore. I thoroughly love soda bread and Irish butter. I can literally have that all day and night! The bread pudding is out of this world. It is every bit of what I think bread pudding should be!

K-Club Hotel Various Lounges

They had several different lounges and rooms where you could have cocktails, light bites, afternoon tea, and the like.

The Byerley Turk

This is considered their fine dining restaurant. The food is very unique and innovative. I thoroughly enjoyed the service as well. The menu changes periodically, so I’m not sure if these items are still available. My husband had a duck and sausage dish that was delectable. That was probably my favorite!

In my opinion, even if you’re not staying at the hotel, visit the grounds and the restaurant. It is a fantastic place to walk around and get a quick bite to eat, play some golf and visit Legends’, or get all dressed up and have a nice evening dinner out.

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