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Tips: How to Dress Chic During Winter

If you’re like me, dressing chic during the winter months can be a bit challenging. Therefore, I wanted to share some tips on how to dress chic during the winter months. Winters where I live can get down to the single digits, although that doesn’t happen very often. On average, it is in between 25 – 40 degrees. Therefore, because of the swings in temperatures, it does prove challenging to figure out how to dress, both for functionality and to still look Chic.

Tip 1: Infuse Animal Prints

Keep your palette neutral but infuse some animal prints. This is a great way to make any outfit more interesting. As you can see, I am wearing very functional items and basics. First, I have a long wool double breasted coat, a straight leg jean, and chelsea boots with decent ridged souls. That will keep you quite warm. However, the animal print with the proper accessories such as this hat and larger sunglasses, elevate an otherwise simple winter outfit.

Tip 2: Consider Faux Fur

This day was particularly cold, so therefore I decided to use a pretty thick puffer jacket from Columbia. Once again, the palette is still pretty neutral with it being winter, but I chose a puffer jacket that had some faux fur just to create some interest. It is just a simple addition on the collar, so that it isn’t that overwhelming. to balance out the volume of the puffer jacket, I decided to wear leggings. They are fleece lined, so they are really warm.

Tip 3: Layer with Pattern

Layering is a big deal around where I live. The day could start out in the mid-teens then end up in the upper 30s by the afternoon. The fun thing about layering is that you can work with patterns. For instance, the stripe in the turtleneck, and the plaid pattern in the coat complement each other. However, if the day gets warmer and you take of the coat, then you still have some pattern visible for the main outfit. The trick is to make sure the patterns don’t compete or clash.

Tip 4: Try Winter White

Winter white is a fantastic way to step up the chic level of your winter outfits. I particularly love winter white outfits that involve chunky knits and thick wool trousers. It’s a great way to stay warm with the thicker materials, but the mix of textures make the outfit more interesting.

Tip 5: Think About Lined Faux Leather

This faux leather skirt is slightly lined. As we all know, leather can feel a little hot or a little cold, therefore lined is pretty important. The mix of textures with wool, faux leather and knit can create visual interest.

These are a few ways that you can be chic during the colder winter months and still maintain functionality and stay warm. Personally, I actually really love trying to be creative with my outfits during the winter, since it can be challenging to show my personal style when it is so cold or even snowing. I hope that these tips were helpful

Please leave some comments. I would love to know how you’re maintaining style and comfort during the winter months.

I also have a YouTube video about how to build a capsule wardrobe, which can be applied during the colder months as well.

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