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Veja Sneaker Product Review and Styling Ideas

I have been wanting a pair of Veja Sneakers for a really long time, but I really tried to not buy something new for a while. Additionally, every time I went online, I couldn’t find the exact pair that I wanted. I didn’t want to buy one in a color that I already had, so when I saw the one on Zappos with rose gold, I decided to go ahead and give it a try. So I ended up trying both the Lace Up Veja V-10 and the Veja 3-Lock Logo in White and Rose Gold, and did a product review for both

I chose Veja Sneakers mainly because of their commitment to sustainability . Some of their standards, just to name a few, are the following: They use of organic cotton for their canvas and laces, they incorporate the use of recycled plastic bottles, and fairly source the rubber utilized. They also have strict standards as it pertains to their supply chain partnerships and equitably compensate those workers. To know more about the company, click on the button

Watch the video below to see my product review

I talk about the style ideas in greater detail in the video. However, below are a few quick tidbits

Summer Transition to Fall: Shorts are still appropriate for early fall. Simply add a field jacket for added warmth

Fall Floral: Dark florals are great fall basic. Hats are a great accessory to keep the outfit casual

Everyday Tailored: Slip dresses and blazers make your everyday sneaker more elevated

Casual Fall: Adding texture and color is a great way to make your errands outfit look sophisticated

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