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Work From Home Make-Up Tutorial

I love messing around with makeup. It is just so much fun. I love how you can mix different colors and make it your own. It is a great way to express individuality. Since I love it so much, I do try to be as responsible and practical as possible. That is the reason why I only use Vegan and Cruelty Free Makeup. For this tutorial, the products that I used are linked below:

PUR: 4-in-1 Foundation Stick

Pacifica: Moonflower Otherworldly Eye Shadow

ELF: Light Powder Blush Palette

Morphe: Eye Brown Cream Chocolate Mousse

Anastasia: Matte Lip Stick Latte

Watch the tutorial video below:

I am Joy Josephs. I started Joyfully Ethical because I really wanted to challenge myself to make more sustainable choices when it came to fashion consumption. I love fashion, but I also want to be kind to the environment as much as possible. I also believe that the beauty industry goes hand in hand with fashion. I am also very passionate about only using cruelty free and vegan beauty products. My hope is that this blog provide my readers with some information about how to be more ethical in both beauty and fashion choices.

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